TCDD and CPDE has advised Tanzania Government on Human Rights protection

Tanzania Coalition on Debt and Development (TCDD) has advised the government to protect human rights and the environment during the implementation of strategic projects, including compensating citizens when necessary.Development Stakeholders, religious leaders, and human and environmental rights activists made the remarks at a meeting organized by TCDD in collaboration with CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness […]

Ripoti ya Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Hesabu za Serikali 2020/21 kuhusu Usimamizi wa Deni la Serikali

Nilibaini Deni la Serikali limefikia Sh. Trilioni 64,519.63 katika mwaka wa fedha 2020/21 ikilinganishwa na Sh. Trilioni 56,756.70 lililoripotiwa mwaka 2019/20. Kuna ongezeko la Sh trilioni 7,762.93 (13.7%) katika mwaka huu ikilinganishwa na Sh. Trilioni 3,652 (7%) kwa mwaka uliopita. Deni la Serikali linajumuisha Deni la Ndani na Nje la Sh. Trilioni 18,934.61 na Sh. […]


TCDD conducted the 2022 Annual General Meeting on April 7th in Dodoma region. According to its constitution, the AGM is the supreme organ in the organizational structure in charge of policymaking and has the authority to hire, fire, and provide oversight and policy guidance to the Secretariat. This allowed its members to meet once a year to […]

Parliamentary Committee on Budget engagement

TCDD conducted engagement with the Parliamentary Committee on Budget on April 6, 2022, in Dodoma. The key issues discussed during the engagement were: Tanzania Debt Sustainability. The presentation from Mr. Abeid Mzee from the Ministry of Finance and Planning summarized that Tanzania’s debt remains sustainable in the medium to long-term. However, the analysis shows that […]