The National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA)
The Leadership Forum (TLF)
Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT)
Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC)
Tanzania Ecumenical Dialogue Group (TEDG)
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT)
Peace and Hope for Youth Development (PHYP)
Biharamulo Non-Governmental Organization Forum Network (BINGO)
Service Health and Development for People Living Positively with HIV/AIDS
Biharamulo Socio-Economic Development Association (BISEDEA)
Biharamulo Friends of Education Network
Enlighten Resilience Development Organization (ENREDO)
Youth Environment Vision (YEV)
Benevolent Institute of Development Initiatives in Tanzania (BIDII-TANZANIA)
Biharamulo Community FM Radio
Kikundi Cha Ushindi Biharamulo
Mbeya District NGO Network (MBEDINGONET)
Bunda Youth and Women Development
Community Active in Development Association (CADA)
Community Water and Environmental Association (COWEA)
Facilitation for Integrated Development & Relief Services (FAIDERS)
Forum for Conservation of Nature (FOCONA)
Ileje Environmental and Conservation Association (IECA)
Iringa Civil Society Organization (ICISO)
Kigoma and Ujiji Non-Governmental Organization (KIUNGONET)
Masasi Non-Governmental Organization Network (MANGONET)
Mbeya Non-Governmental Organization Network (MANGONET)
Mission for Improvement of & Boosting Organizational Services to the Community (MIBOS)
Mtwara Non-Governmental Organization Network (MTWANGONET)
Mufindi Environmental Conservation and Health (MECHI)
Rukwa Association of Non-Governmental Organization (RANGO)
Sustainable Development Issues (SDI)
Tambani Rural Community Development (TARUCODEFU)
Wise Utilization for Natural Resources
The Mozambe/Mahenge Development Association (MMADEA)
Tuleane Group
Umoja wa Wawekezaji wa KIOO
Unity in Diversity Foundation (UDF)
Youth Partnership Countrywide (YPC)
Eager Development Foundation (EDF)
Sustainable Hub for Policy Initiatives (SHPI)
Butiama District CSOs Network
Hands for Children and Women in Tanzania (HACHAWOTA)
Malema Foundation Tanzania
Youth Peace Makers
Baraza la Kuratibu na Kukuza Maendeleo na Mahusiano ya Jamii Kijinsia
Resources advocacy Initiatives (RAI)
Patronage un Environmental Management and Health Care Warriors (PEMWA)
Youth Against AIDS and Poverty Association (YAAPA)
Tanzania Partisanship Development Organization (TAPADO)
Biharamulo Originating Socio-Economic Association (BOSEDA)

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