Media Training in Tanzania

The African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) in collaboration with Tanzania Coalition on Debt and Development (TCDD)  conduct Media Training on Debt Management on the 13th and 14th  of November 2020 in Tanzania with the theme: Partnering with Media in Debt Management for Sustainable and Inclusive Development in Africa. The training aimed at sensitizing media practitioners especially journalists on the implications of public and publicly guaranteed debt on human rights, poverty, inequality and macroeconomic performance. The trained media practitioners expected to become champions in reporting on debt management and related issues. Increased media reporting on debt management and related issues particularly debt contraction, debt records and analysis is vital in raising informed voice and demand for accountability among the citizenry. The capacity building workshop carried out to 25 journalists from print, radio, television and online media in Tanzania.

The objectives of the Media Training on Debt Management are, too engage and increase media participation in the campaign for sustainable debt management in Tanzania, to build media professionals’ knowledge and understanding of Debt Management, to create a network of journalists who can adequately report on Debt Management and related issues. And to build and exchange innovative and effective techniques for monitoring and reporting debt management and related issues in Tanzania and reaching grassroots communities

The training covered topics on;

  • Global/Africa Debt landscape – COVID-19 impacts, Debt relief initiatives from G20 moratorium, IMF, Paris Club, China, and the future
  • Tanzania economic and debt trends – Understanding Public debt and its Centrality in Macroeconomic Performance
  • Debt Transparency and Accessing Debt Information
  • Human Rights and Public Debt Management
  • The role of the Media in Debt and Public Finance Management