1. Accountable Governance ·
    Awareness Raising on Poverty Reduction Processes; Great awareness created among TCDD members and public in general on public services provision in the sector of primary, secondary education and health to demand more accountability and transparency in resource mobilization, allocation and utilization. Through awareness raising TCDD members stabled a network for the purpose of participating effectively in poverty reduction process. The key driving development goal for Tanzania was spelt within the MKUKUTA in which all nation targets and objectives for each social and economic sector were identified and set forth. ·

    Capacity Building on Policy and Debt Management
    Debt Management is a methodology for assessing public debt management performance through a Comprehensive set of performance indicators straddling the full range of government debt management functions. Being a Civil Society platform TCDD committed to capacity building and mobilizing for Lobbing and Advocacy for Economic Justice and pro-poor Development. TCDD campaign for sustainable foreign and domestic official debt and effective civil society involvement in the formulation and implementation monitoring of Government policies that impact upon the lives of poor people. TCDD build capacity to CSO’s to participating and engaging in the on-going national and international dialogue and debate on poverty, debt and development.  

    ·       Poverty Monitoring and Budget Tracking   TCDD Members empowered to hold duty bearers accountable through poverty monitoring, advocacy and public expenditure tracking to ensure government policies and resources have trickle down effective to marginalized and poor people. The Process seeks to supporting TCDD members and poor people to monitor implementation of poverty programmes, and demand accountability and generating critical information. Through participatory monitoring poverty approach on public policies, the impact will develop and disseminate information to influence policy changes.

    2.    Economic Justice
    ·       Debt and Aid; TCDD is creating public awareness to link debt issues, poverty reduction and development through networks, groups and individual basis. It also motivating national debate about poverty transparency, including strategies that would allow the country not to go back to the debt overhang.

    ·       Trade and Trade-related issues; and implementation and monitoring of Government policies that impact upon the lives of poor people. TCDD follow up on international initiatives/agreement in policy formulation, which have direct impact on our economy, such as those sign with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Trade Organization (WTO), African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA), Africa-Caribbean-Pacific-European Union (ACP_EU) etc. hence contributing to the international efforts on poverty eradication.

    3.    Networking
    Which has two projects
    ·       Dialogue with various policy makers within and outside Tanzania; and ·       Information dissemination, which includes publication, sensitization and media engagement.