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best cpa for startups

CPAs must keep up their tax and accounting knowledge with continuing education each year in order to stay licensed, so they’re always up to date with the most recent tax laws and changes. Are you banking on equity funding, loans, or grants to start and grow your business? You can turn to a CPA for objective advice on strategic and financial topics, from getting funding, to improving your cash flow, and more. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a finance professional who is licensed by a state board of accountancy.

best cpa for startups

From SaaS to healthtech to hardware to ecommerce, we have specialized CPAs and accountants on staff who can help your company navigate the VC landscape and manage your growth. Asnani CPA partners with their clients and works to understand not only their accounting but their business from the top down so they can provide the best insight and guidance possible. From start to finish we stand by our clients to help them accomplish their goals.

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If you’ve done your own search for accounting firms, you know there are dozens from which to choose. So, narrowing your choices to the ones that best suit your needs can be daunting. With this review, we did most of the leg work to narrow the list from 20 of the top online accounting firms to five of the best in various categories. Beyond general journal and ledger bookkeeping, an accounting firm also can perform account reconciliation, payroll processing, cash flow management, monthly statement preparation, and tax services.

Even the most expensive firm on this list is probably less costly than hiring someone to perform them in-house. Started by successful startup entrepreneurs, Pilot understands the challenges other startup entrepreneurs face in keeping the books and preparing their businesses for growth. That’s why we chose Pilot as the best accounting firm for startup businesses. Small businesses that want to get to the next level need to have a firm grasp of their finances and the capacity to plan for growth. One great solution is hiring an online accounting firm that can fulfill the need for a reasonable budget. A bookkeeper can track all your financial records—mainly income and expenses.

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We strongly suggest you have your books and taxes in order prior to beginning a fund raise from potential investors. The challenge for small businesses is finding the right accounting firm out of the dozens available to fit their needs. Using a set of criteria that includes cost, range of services, software compatibility, and small business expertise, we reviewed 20 online accounting firms to find the best in five categories. As your business grows in complexity and you start thinking about attracting venture capital, staying on top of your finances will take more effort and more help.

It also will look for candidates who are conversant in your software, such as QuickBooks, Xero, Netsuite, and many other programs. Also, 1-800Accountant offers every business a free tax savings consultation with an expert. Better yet, 1-800Accountant guarantees its customers maximum tax savings by finding every deduction. Payroll services also are available from 1-800Accountant for getting your employees paid, withholding taxes, and taking care of your payroll taxes.


If all you need for now is someone to track your monthly financials, paying CPA rates for bookkeeping duties may not be cost-effective for you. Plus, there are specific times when it makes sense to consult with a CPA—for example, to help you handle growth transitions, such as hiring employees or taking on more office space. They can look after specific details (payroll, employee tax management, property tax, utility payments, and so on), leaving you with time to look at the bigger picture of the way your business is thriving. CPAs typically cost about 15% to 20% more than their unlicensed counterparts, due to their additional training and continuing education requirements. They can interpret your financial records for everything from making sure you pay the right amount in taxes, to making strategic business decisions based on your financials.

What are the big 4 CPA firms?

They are Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG). Aside from auditing services, the Big Four offer tax, strategy and management consulting, valuation, market research, assurance, and legal advisory services.

Given the wealth of knowledge and expertise at, we are well able to include budgeting and forecasting using the latest tools for your financial model. Looking at your financial information, we can even check out your burn rate and cash on hand, to ensure that your finances are in order. With our expertise, we can determine when you may need to raise funds or even start hiring. Online accounting firms use sophisticated data-encryption and communications technology to link clients to their services via an online platform. Source documents and data can be uploaded to cloud storage where they can be accessed from any remote location. All price plans include unlimited accounts and are billed annually upfront with no early termination fee.

Tips for self-accounting your startup

But if you’re trying to build a successful, well-managed company, it’s important to have a basic understanding of finance. As you go from coding a prototype to hiring people, gaining traction in the market to pitching investors, what you need to know—and the services and experts you should rely on—will change. Straight Talk CPAs includes accounting and tax professionals with experience in both business operations, accounting and taxes. We help startups and emerging entrepreneurs to set up their financial and tax infrastructure correctly right from the beginning. Straight Talk CPAs has experience helping entrepreneurial companies at all stages of growth and assisting companies from startup to exit.

If so, your CPA needs to be on top of filing deadlines and government paperwork. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right CPA for your startup. But there are six criteria you should look for to ensure that you end up with a great match. Here, we break down how a CPA can help you and how to go about finding one who’s a good fit for your startup.

Take Control of your budget!

Our CPAs here at Haynie & Company’s offices in Austin specialize in any number of industries, sectors, or, of course, stages of growth. As a startup, what you need in your accounting team is evolving as rapidly as your overall business needs. If you are considering an acquisition or transaction, Azran Financial can assist during the transaction with due diligence and proper tax structuring approaches to ensure your value. Once you have consummated the deal, we can provide accounting & audit, tax planning & preparation, and comprehensive advisory services for your new acquisition. Over 21% of startup business do not survive their first year, with another 30% failing in the second year due to running out of money, compliance with federal and state regulations, bad partnerships, or ineffective marketing.

  • If you already work with an accountant or CPA, chances are good they prefer to work with QuickBooks rather than with proprietary software like Bench.
  • Clearly communicating the numbers and the systems behind those numbers allow for stability and growth.
  • These big 4 accounting firms are the biggest and best public accounting firms on the planet, and their due diligence is no joke.
  • Doing business successfully means close attention to revenues and expenses, but also understanding the legal and compliance issues that dog companies.
  • The best accounting partners are those who can provide insight and guidance regarding your finances.

Our accounting advice for startups can begin at the embryonic stages and conclude when you sell your thriving business. We have done it all before, no matter the industry, and we’ve worked with many companies. This blog series provides a deeper look at the five companies in the 2021 cohort. With growing customer demand for sustainability, Environment, Social and Governance measures (known in short as ESG) there is tremendous opportunity for accounting and finance professionals to lead the way. Fostering innovation in the ESG space, the 2022 Startup Accelerator features a second cohort of ESG-focused solutions.